D-Hask (Brunei Local Band) was officially formed in February 1999. Their 1st trial song "usang12" has been released in year 2004.

When it was formed in 1999, this band was known as “The Hask” which consisted of only 4 members, namely K-Roll, Syarif, Hanif and Saiful.

23rd February 1999 marked their 1st performance with the Malaysian Band 'SPRING' which was organized by SRI KERMA's PRODUCTION. Then, in 2000, they had their 2nd performance during the comedian band 'SENARIO' made a concert in Brunei, and the 3rd and the last concert was in 2001 after which they had a break and being "silent" for a while~

In year 2002, Reme has replaced Saiful as a bassist. In 2003, Daus has officially became their 1st lead guitarist, and whereas in 2007, Luffy has replaced Haniff as a Drummer.

Their 1st trial 'USANG 12' was recorded in year 2004, which had a positive feedback from listeners. Other latest singles such as "Kamu,adalah mimpi buruk ku","Hanya Sedikit","Seberapa Detik Menyentuhmu" had already been released, and there will be more to come. In the same year, Dhask came up as the 1st runner-up in the Rhythm Fiesta, and participated in the Battle of the Band.

In 2005, Dhask had achieved the 4th place in the ‘Rythm Fiesta/Pesta Musika 2005’. Moreover, they also did several video clips for Television programme such as Orange Room and CRB by Regal Blue Production, Music ‘O5 by Megabone and DSS by RTB.
The next year, Dhask had been voted 6th place for Brunei best featured artist. Then in 2007, Dhask succeed as a Champion for Brunei Most Famous Band Challenge under one band called ‘Three Act Tragedy’ which featured ‘Trisera’ vocalist. Another achievement in 2007 was being nominated in the Group/Duo category for Pelangi Awards.
Moreover, Dhask had become a supporting Band for Pentarama 2008 during His Majesty Birthday, where they had got to perform in all four Brunei districts.
In January 2009, D-Hask was chosen to be the AOTM (Artist Of The Month) that was organised by PELANGI FM.*Thanks to DJ Lydia,DJ Zati and ALL of Pelangi FM's crews*. Interestingly, Dhask enabled to maintain their song ‘Usang12’ in the Pelangi chart for 14 weeks.

In October 2009, DHask had demonstrated their serious dedication to music by entering a musical group competition which was held in Oct 30 at the Borneo Rainforest Sunway in Petaling Jaya. Another battle was in Kuala Lumpur, which Dhask took part in the Global Battle of the Band. What’s more, Dhask had became a guest band artist for an entertainment programme that took place at the Istana Budaya in KL on October 31,2009.

In DECEMBER 2009, D'Hask was nominated in VIMA AWARDS 2010 under "Most Electrifying-Exciting-Exhilarating LIVE Act". The awards ceremony for VIMA 2010 will be held on January 17th 2009. (read less)

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